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Appraisal Services

There are many reasons besides the possibility of an impending sale to have a practice professionally evaluated: you may be planning to take in an associate or partner; you may wish to obtain financing for expansion or modernization, a partnership may be dissolving, or you may have personal reasons such as forward planning or litigation.

The Clemens Group has longed enjoyed a reputation for high quality, thorough appraisals—appraisals which define as realistically as possible the true value of a dental practice as an on-going concern. Alan Clemens is a founding member of the Practice Valuation Study Group—a national professional organization which meets regularly to examine, define, and refine appraisal procedures. He is also a founding member of American Dental Sales, a nation-wide association of dental practice consultants and brokers who set and maintain the highest professional standards for appraisal excellence

American Dental Sales maintains a proprietary database of over 5,000 completed transitions nationally. Locally, we have data on more than 500 transitions and over 2,000 evaluations.

A Clemens Group valuation considers many factors beyond a practice’s reported gross and net income. We also look at the quality of the patient base, the amounts and types of payment for services, the proportional amounts spent on various expenses—a total of over 25 factors.. Each and every practice evaluation is unique, and our methods adapt to each situation to give as honest an appraisal as possible.

Our reputation is such that Mr. Clemens is considered an expert witness and is called upon often to offer his opinion on the value of dental practices before the courts in New York and New Jersey.

Our appraisals are consistently accepted by our lenders as being within 5% of the true value of the practice.

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