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Buyer Representation

The Clemens Group always seeks to produce a win-win situation in a practice transition. This means taking special care of our active buyers, especially first time buyers, to make sure they get a fair chance to be one of the “winners.” Buyers, especially new ones, have never been more confused or scared when it comes to purchasing a dental practice.

It has been our experience that many first time buyers are fresh out of school or residency programs and are not overly familiar with the ways of the cruel, hard, real world. Or they may be foreign-born and lack complete confidence in their English. Or they are members of minority groups and feel they may be at a disadvantage negotiating a fair deal. Business courses in dental school are either non-existent or inadequate. This is a time when insecurity becomes dominant and buyers are more than ever in need of sound advice. The Clemens Group realizes all of these things and has tailored a program specifically to assist the buyer.

Most buyers, until they become seasoned, unfortunately, listen to the wrong people who give them poor, or downright incorrect, information. Some of these “advisors” are very adept at spotting insecurities and at taking advantage of first-time buyers. The buyer needs someone specifically on his or her side—someone who knows the pitfalls which can cause a deal to be derailed or trap a buyer into a bad situation. The buyer needs sound advise—an advocate.

A new buyer may turn to many advisors who do not do a professional job of appraising the situation and seldom offer constructive encouragement and creative solutions to potential problems Rarely do they ever “stick their necks out” which is what you’re paying them for in the first place. Some advisors are more deal killers and hired guns rather than problem solvers.

The Clemens Group knows what information the buyer needs, and makes sure the necessary and correct information regarding a practice’s financial and professional history is provided in a timely matter and we assist the buyer to interpret it and make truly informed decisions based upon their needs; their pro-fessional capabilities and experience; and their financial and risk tolerances.

We spend a considerable amount of time with both the buyer and the seller to assess their needs. After all, this is one of the most important personal and financial decisions they will ever make, and the right information, known beforehand, can prevent future problems.

We will represent you, the buyer, be your representative, and stand with you as you examine the details of your professional and financial future.


The Buyer’s Representative program is available for our existing clients and for new clients who may be considering the purchase of any practice for which we are not the seller’s agent.

Once you have identified a practice which interests you for possible purchase or with which you might want to associate, and that is not listed with The Clemens Group, you need guidance. Call us. Your initial telephone consultation will cost you nothing, and it will provide the basis for our further analysis of your needs. This initial conversation will:

  • Allow us to get to know a lot about each other;
  • Let you get comfortable knowing that you are working with experts who are 100% on your side;
  • Give you some clearer thoughts about a contemplated practice purchase or affiliation and give you the basis of an action plan.

After our get acquainted telephone conversation, we need to meet at our offices to get to know you bet-ter personally, and to better define your needs, wants, goals, experience, and areas of concern and help you decide if the practice you are considering buying or becoming associated with is right for you. If it is, we can formulate a plan of action to help you towards a rewarding new career

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