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Financing Services

The Clemens Group enjoys excellent working relationships with several institutions which are able to assist in the finance of a dental practice, frequently at rates and conditions which are better than those available through a bank. We’re often able to get a buyer 100%+ financing which allows the seller to cash out and for you to make your best deal. We also often are able to get the buyer working capital to begin operating the practice or fund the purchase of the accounts receivable if the siituation requires it.

We recently did a transaction involving a purchaser just out of residency who, with our help, was able to finance a purchase by getting 120% of the purchase price of $250,000 plus an additional $125,000 to purchase the condo office—and she had a 200,000 student loan!

Through our affiliation with AmericanDental Sales, we are fortunate to have a fantastic network of lenders who offer terms and rates and flexibility no other local brokers will be able to match. In addition, we can do the following transactions:

  • Real estate financing involving condos, co-ops and small office buildings
  • 50% partnership funding up front with no seller guarantees 
  • Split funded buy-in, buy-out commitments with more than 5-year takeouts
  • Practice and personal re-financing at very favorable rates
Call us. These services may also be available to non clients on a case by case basis

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