Transitioning practices. Transforming lives.

Group Formation

The Clemens Group is known for its sound judgment in counseling and assisting doctors involved in the reorganization of a practice. Whether it’s a solo practitioner who is looking for an associate to share the workload; a solo practitioner seeking an associate who might buy him out in the future, or a doctor or even group of doctors looking for a partner, The Clemens Group has had extensive experience finding creative solutions which benefit all the parties involved.

We are prepared to work closely with you, your attorney, and your accountant to evaluate your situation to determine if a change in the structure of your practice is feasible and whether it would be practical for you and your plans for the future. Or, if it’s more appropriate, our own team of transition experts is ready to work with you to effect an expeditious conclusion under our own auspices.

  • We can review all documents pertaining to the organization of your practice.
  • We can evaluate various methods for buy-in, buy-out arrangements.
  • We can perform an analysis of your past operations and present condition so you know the value of what you might be sharing.
  • We can use our analysis to prepare a projection of future income and expenses and how these projections would change under various “what if” scenarios.
  • We can prepare a proposal for consideration by you and the prospective partner or partners.
  • We can help you formulate a plan for income and expense splitting.
  • And, of course, we can help you obtain financing to make your plans a reality.
  • ...And, lots more

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