“As a practicing dentist for some 35 years and actively working as a consultant for dentists around the country, I am extremely fortunate to have The Clemens Group to rely on. Many of my dental clients have benefited by Al Clemens and his team both financially and personally. I highly recommend him and his company to anyone who will listen.”
— Joseph DeRario, DDS

"Alan Clemens has been incredibly helpful in the entire transition process for my practice sale— being my confidant, my mentor, and my psychiatrist, Alan was indispensable from beginning to end."
— Marty Diamond, DDS

Buying or selling your dental practice is one of the most important and complex transactions you’ll ever undertake—both financially and emotionally. Nobody understands this better than the professionals at The Clemens Group. We hope that the testimonials that follow will serve as an indicator of the client satisfaction that we strive for in each and every transition.

“I have been working with the Clemens Group for over 25 years. They helped me build my network of offices. I would never buy or sell a practice without their guidance.”  — Ron Rosenberg, DDS

“The Clemens Group helped me find the right buyer for my large Manhattan based group practice. In spite of the complications surrounding the financing and the landlord, they guided me through the different decisions with the smoothness of a real professional. I cannot thank them enough.” — Carl Caravana, DDS

“The Clemens Group has done an outstanding job in selling my practice. Everything they promised was delivered beyond my expectations. If you want to work with the pros, they are the best.” —  Ira Newman, DDS

“I read your article in "Dental Economics" which was right on target. The consultant must use his/her experience to create a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. In my case, you were much more than just a consultant but also a friend to Michael and me. With an appalling brokerage experience behind us, you reworked our contracts until the short-term partnership leading to a completed sale was amicably developed. Alan Clemens prevented me from making what could have been the worst financial mistake of my life. Contrary to the first consultant's predictions — and completely in line with yours, our practice’s gross is up 50%. In short, I got everything that I wanted and needed, as did Michael. Talk about a "win-win" situation! And we couldn't have done it without you.” — Stanley Bernstein, DDS, FACD

"I practiced in a home office with two chairs for the greater part of 30 years before selling my practice to a local dentist who built a new office to accommodate our needs including transitioning my to a shorter work week. As a result of the proper planning and expert guidance you provided, I sold my practice with no equipment for the same price as it would’ve had it been located in a professional office setting in a high-traffic location. Realistically, there is a good chance that there may be very limited interest in your dental practice—certainly not at today's lofty prices. In addition, our health may also change. Do you really have the desire and the energy to thrive in this environment? I didn't. I can assure you that there are viable options that The Clemens Group can model for you.”  — John Iacono, DDS

“I would like to say a sincere "thank you" for your guidance in selling my practice. As you know, I had been trying to sell all or half the practice for several years, without success. I had used other brokers, taken recommendations from colleagues, and tried advertising and interviewing on my own. Within three months of signing on with The Clemens Group, I sold the practice that I had built over 40 years for a fair price—money up front and escrow payments over a short period of time. Also very importantly, I obtained a guaranteed contract in my new office to work for as long as I desired. This is the perfect way for me to finish my career.” — Michael R. Wiland, DDS

“My experience with Alan Clemens was completely positive. Alan appraised my practice accurately utilizing his years of experience. Within one week of listing my practice, he overwhelmed me with multiple qualified buyers. He sold my practice for full price in this bad economy. The whole process went very smoothly. I’m grateful for all his help and guidance during the transition and purchase. His professional expertise and personal dedication have been nothing less than spectacular!” Richard Lee, DDS